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Map: Creator V.1
its a flat World, and you have to make it grow and expand wait for tasks to come out( I update about every two days so people can finish there tasks)
Come back often to see what the new tasks are.
Link1: http://i55.tinypic.com/2ez1ame.jpg
Download: mediafire.com ?8jf12how7muso73
Day1 Tasks
.Create a garden
.Create a Lake
.Make a Forest
.Survive your first night
Day2 Tasks
.make a under ground system(remember theres only grass and dirt no rock but bed rock)
.Create a Mountain about 3 mountains (tall) (you should have alot of dirt from making your lake)- you may edit rock into your inventory.
. Make a farm(any animals, you may use the pig spawner) the farm has to be huge though
.Peaceful is aloud
.This is made for Normal/Hard
. Must finish Tasks of day 1 to go on further
V.1: You woke up in front of your house you see some tasks to complete.
V.1.1: you got a message from a chicken it says"create Three mountains, a farm, and a underground system"

Question: How long do we have each tasks till the new tasks are uploaded
Answer: I give about 2 days before i upload V.2

Other: if you guys run out of supplies make sure u cut down trees and if you have no more water remember you a the infinite water thing.
If you guys run out of Iron just download lol editor or any inventory editor to give you a stack of 64(but thats it)
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